Infographic: Multi-functional furniture design

The design team at Chicago-based Ghergich & Co (which produces visual content such as this great infographic), has teamed up with CustomMade (which teams customers who want one-of-a-kind creations with makers of those goods) to create an article on multi-functional furniture design. The post is written by J.H. Fearless, a blogger and writer whose work explores the intersection of art, nature and culture.

Multifunction furniture article, graphics by
Multifunction furniture article, graphics by Ghergich & Co.

“When is a chair not a chair? When it’s a bookshelf, or a table, or a wall panel, or a phone charger! The multifunctional furniture renaissance is here, and it brings seemingly endless ways to reimagine not only furniture’s function, but its form as well.

“Multifunctional furniture bolsters the “less is more” attitude of the tiny-house and minimalist movements. Plus with fewer materials, it can also be a sustainable alternative to traditional furnishings. And today’s modern designs have a little something for everyone. Thinking of reimagining your favorite chair? Here are just some of the innovative ideas inspiring us.”

Multi-Functional Furniture

Read the full article on Multi-Functional Furniture
Infographic by CustomMade

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