Stash desk: Furniture design by Blu Dot

By Penny Craswell

I discovered Blu Dot while searching for a new desk for my home office. Using that most basic of tools – Google shopping search – I found many ugly pieces of furniture and many prohibitively expensive pieces of furniture. But I also some beautiful and more affordable options around – and the best for my room size and aesthetic was Blu Dot.

Stash desk by Blu Dot
Stash desk by Blu Dot

Designed in Minnesota, the brand was founded in 1997 by John Christakos, Maurice Blanks, and Charlie Lazor in response to their own need for affordable design furniture (read more of their origin story here). Perhaps because they were designing for a practical need, that’s what they created – practical furniture; while it looks great, I get the feeling that the aesthetics are secondary to the function, which is as it should be. What’s also interesting about their furniture is the small scale of it – it suits inner city living. Read more

Design writings: Chicago architecture biennale a no-brainer

“Besides Venice, whose architecture biennial began in 1980, scores of cities — from Sao Paulo to Istanbul to Denver — hold biennial exhibitions of art, design and architecture. Chicago will compete with them for exhibits, attention and tourists’ dollars. 

“The first biennial, which has secured a $2.5 million lead grant from British oil and gas giant BP, is planned for Oct. 1, 2015, through Jan. 3, 2016. If all goes well, it would be put on every two years … The real question is: Why wasn’t Chicago doing this before?”

Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin on the new Chicago Architecture Biennale, to be curated by Chicago curator Sarah Herda and ex-Domus editor Joseph Grima.

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