Review: Archeological iPhone at New York art installation

By Penny Craswell

US artist Evan Yee has created an exhibition and installation at the offices of the Fueled Collective in New York that explores technology, future and past, and humanity’s relationship to it through a series of humorous objects, including an iPhossil, which posits a distant future where an iPhone is an archeological find.

The artist Evan Yee poses with Fuelled Collective founders Ryan Matzner and Rameet Chawla. Image: Fuelled Collective
The artist Evan Yee (left) poses with Fueled Collective Director Ryan Matzner (centre) and Fueled Collective Founder and CEO Rameet Chawla (right). Image: Fueled Collective/Evan Yee

The Fueled Collective is a co-working space for start-ups that opened in New York’s trendy So-Ho in 2013, started by Rameet Chawla and Ryan Matzner of mobile development company Fueled.

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