Highlights from Milan Design Week 2017

By Penny Craswell

This year, for me, Milan Design Week is all about The Milan Report 2017, a self-publishing venture that I’m launching along with the excellent Giovanna Dunmall (London design expert and writer) and Marcus Piper (multi-talented graphic designer, designer, typographer and writer).

We’re currently putting together a range of design week Q&As, themed features, diaries, picks, contributions from experts, as well as original photography, graphic design and typography – to see for yourself, pre-order here.

And, while I dedicate my time to that, check out a few highlights in picture form as follows – all photos taken by me.

A string quintet plays in the garden of Casa degli Atellani, where Da Vinci lived while painting the last supper – really! – thanks to AirBNB.

Made with resin and neon, these lights at 5vie are designed by New Zealand-born, Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Mercelis.
Giovanna Dunmall interviews Ashish Bajoria from Scarlet Splendour at Spazio Rossana Orlandi.
Marcus Piper photographs Australian-born, London-based designer Brodie Neill of Made in Ratio.
These textiles are made from unusual materials, like bin liners, by emerging Sydney designer Blake Griffiths and shown as part of Form and Seek exhibition in Ventura Lambrate.
A statement on oil spills, Dispersion is by emerging Sydney designer Nila Rezaei and shown as part of Form and Seek exhibition in Ventura Lambrate. Griffiths and Rezaei were discovered at the Designing Bright Futures exhibition at the Australian Design Centre last year.
Dutch Story Tiles feature images by artists and designers, including the top right tile by Kiki van Eyck.
Emerging Melbourne designer Josh Carmody beside his Remnants table, which makes use of marble and stone samples.
The magical New Spring installation is a bubble machine by Studio Swine and COS.
Another emerging talent, this time from Salone Satellite, Yuri Himuro‘s textiles allow you to cut the green away to show the blue “water” beneath.
Swedish design duo Färg & Blanche showed ARMOUR mon AMOUR, a series inspired by Japanese samurai armour.

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