Studio addition, with minimalist design

By Penny Craswell

Sometimes creating something that looks really simple is the most difficult to achieve. Adam Kane Architects has created two new buildings for an existing home in regional Victoria that are characterised by extreme precision and adherence to a minimal aesthetic.

Blackwood Studio exterior by Adam Kane Architects. Photo: Adam Kane

The position of the new garage and studio creates a sense of arrival for visitors, while maintaining a line of sight between the dwelling’s entry and the street. The buildings’ positioning deflects the wind and directs views towards the surrounding gardens, while bringing light into the space – essential in a studio used for painting.

The materials at Blackwood Studio were selected by the architects as a modern take on the traditional building materials of fibro sheet and corrugated iron, used in the old sheds and ancillary buildings at a house in rural Australia. Here, they have been refined to create the incredibly minimal interiors and exteriors that look as if they have been drawn on paper with a ruler.

“Attention to detail is always critical in creating a minimal dwelling, in that often the simpler it looks, the more precise it needs to be,” says Adam Kane.

Inside, the LED light’s integration within the ceiling enhances the clean and strong conceptual aesthetic, devoid of light fixtures, whilst adding a sense of volume to the relatively small floor area. “The strip light was designed to mimic a thin slice of sunlight, while providing a wide spread of functional diffused light,” says Kane.

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Blackwood Studio studio interior by Adam Kane Architects. Photo: Adam Kane
Blackwood Studio floor plan by Adam Kane Architects. Photo: Adam Kane
Blackwood Studio LED strip lighting by Adam Kane Architects. Photo: Adam Kane
Blackwood Studio relationship to main house by Adam Kane Architects. Photo: Adam Kane

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  • December 28, 2017 at 9:54 am

    I’m in love with the LED light. It does enhance the ceiling and it emphasizes the aesthetic of the room. Aaaah-mazing way to mimic the sunlight.


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